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We just do testing, not treatments so you can trust your results will be totally unbiased

Unbiased Test Results Every Time

Protecting People From Injury & You From Legal Claims

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By Reducing Slip Risk

Our one single, clear mission is to protect. Protecting people – in supermarkets, factories, shopping centres, schools, leisure centres and swimming pools. Where people walk, we protect.

Independent Slip Testing

Getting a slip test done and any consequent cleaning and maintenance will dramatically reduce the chances of anyone slipping

‘There were 55,000 reported injuries in 2018/2019. 29% of these were slip related!’

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From Legal Claims

We also protect your reputation – ensuring you avoid time-consuming, costly and damaging legal claims and court cases

Impartial Slip Test

Without a slip test, if someone then falls and hurts themselves you could be prosecuted and most likely end up paying out thousands in compensation and court costs

£54.5 million in fines were issued to duty holders found guilty of health and safety offences in 2018/19 with an average fine of £150,000 per case. 29% of all injuries were slip related

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If someone slips, is injured and a Slip Test  hasn’t been done

You put the public, your staff and your organisation in danger

Pendulum Slip Testing

People could get seriously hurt

There are many documented cases of people suffering debilitating injuries that ruin their lives

You could be prosecuted

You could be prosecuted and would most likely end up paying thousands in compensation and court costs

You must manage the health and safety risks in your workplace. This process is known as a risk assessment and it is something you are required by law to carry out

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If a ‘Slip Test’  has been done

If a ‘Slip Test’ has
been done

The chance of anyone slipping is dramatically reduced

If a slip assessment was carried out and the floors failed the slip test and those floors were subsequently made safe the chance of anyone slipping is extremely low.

You probably won't go to court

You probably won’t go to court as you have done your due diligence and everything reasonably practicable.

If you do go to court

You are more likely to win the case as you have done everything reasonably practicable to prevent slips and falls.

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‘Slips and trips are one of the biggest causes of serious accidents at work. In fact, between 2018 and 2019, slips and trips accounted for almost a third of all major injuries’


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    • Save people from injury and the potential devastating consequences

    • Save your organistion from very expensive legal costs

    • Don’t wait until someone sues you

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    Totally unconnected to any Suppliers or manufacturers of anti-slip Products

    We don’t provide floor treatments ourselves and are not connected with any suppliers or manufacturers  of flooring materials or treatments, so you can trust our reports will not be biased  in any way, though we can recommend a list of remedial actions to help if the test shows the floor needs attention.

    You can trust that the assessment we provide will be ‘100% Independent, Unbiased and Compliant’

    The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require employers to assess risks (including slip and trip risks) and, where necessary, take action to address them.

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    100% COMPLIANT with HSE regulations

    Providing you a floor slip risk assessment service that’s both rigorous and reliable and fully compliant with HSE regulations

    Pendulum slip testing to BS 7976-2

    The preferred slip test method of the HSE and the UK Slip Resistant Group. The results of this slip test forms the basis of our assessment.

    Measuring the Rz parameter - the floor’s ‘roughness’

    ‘Slips Potential Model’ risk assessment

    Assesses slip potential – accounting for the floor surface and its environment

    Real time feedback on results and risk

    Verbal onsite test results and classifications while we’re still on-site, if required.

    Comprehensive slip risk assessment report

    Plus independent guidance on reducing slip risk. Report to be delivered within 3 days of assessment.

    Slip Test Reports Delivered Within 3 Days

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